• Training dressage horses to difficult levels

  • Breaking in young horses

  • Competing and presenting young horses in events

  • Coaching riders of different backgrounds


  • Sellling quality dressage horses

  • Assisting customers of finding a matching horse


  • Training courses at other stables

  • Open for public training/ demo clinics at Enegården

The training stable operates at the main stable building which has 15 spacious and luminous boxes. Nearly all of them has a large window. We take in horses in variable ages for training, all from breaking up to difficult levels. You may also visit us for intensive training period with your own horse. During your stay we can provide accommodation at the farm.

2-3 days training courses may be arranged at other stables according to separate agreement.

We have regurarly good quality horses for sale. We perform sales assignments carefully and professionally. We find it important that sales horses finds their way to good homes. We take care of the complete selling process from the beginning to the end. We are happy that we have been able to make customers satisfied in Sweden and in neighboring countries and even in Russia.

Mainly it's Omppu Saarinen Lindberg who is responsible of horse training. She has worked as a rider in Germany and received training from top german trainers. Omppu has competed successfully in Finland and Sweden from young horse classes all the way up to Intermediate I. She has trained multiple horses from youngsters to difficult levels and coached riders for nearly 20 years.

All horse training is done carefully despite of horse's experience. We perform horse training with accuracy while digging into basics with care. Our aim is that horses are well balanced and honesly through. Then they use their muscles correctly to stay healthy and fit. Horses are ridden with care by using rider's sit and leg so that the contact stays light and horses are comfortable to ride. Alongside dressage we train horses diversely by hacking, cantering and pole/ cavalett exercises.

At us horses are considered athletes whom's wellbeing and physical fitness are taken seriously, so that they are able to perform in riding with ease and joy. Healthy and good-tempered horse gives it's best in riding. In daily care we plan routines, caretaking, feeding and training to meet each horse's individual needs. Shoeing, musclecare and healthcare are performed by best external experts.

In rider's training we concentrate on correct sit. The rider shall be able to adjust to horse's movement and to keep her's/ he's sit in balance without disturbing the horse. The rider's midbody control, stability on saddle and ability to maintain soft contact are premises to achieve honest collection and throughness.

Kindly contact us should you wish to send your horse for training or for sale, or if you are interested to learn more about our other services. We are happy to tell you more!